Old isn't always gold

Before, I tried to figure things out on my own without asking for help,

but I don't always figure it out,

especially when it's related to know-how. Or I ask the wrong people who are peers to me

We all need help at some point, even the most experienced, elite, or wealthy individuals.

People either ask for help or act as if they don't need it.

When you're in need, you have to ask for help and seek it from those ahead of you.

This is a key part of success in life and business.

Help comes in different forms. It can be life/business advice, knowledge & expertise to solve a problem, or help with certain activities.

If you haven't yet. One day you will. And do it well.

Again, everyone does whether its an individual, company, or government.

Stop reaching for help from the your peer

Your peer is someone as the same level as your perspective, ideas, experience, knowledge, or expertise.

When you are in need of solving, creating, learning, or transforming,

peer-to-peer interactions don't provide you with a whole new perspective or leapfrog you.

They will only add a small piece of information or show you new directions to consider.

Like people from previous era don't have a disrupting perspective.

Different eras entail different perspectives, approaches, and methods.

You won't get much from someone at your same level.

This applies to companies as well.

The problem lies not within the company itself but in those who run it, belonging to a previous era.

It's not necessarily their age but their mindset and perspective.

Such companies can't help you grow if you work for them, nor can they help other companies solve their problems.

It's exactly like an old fellow with a pile of cash but invests in traditional assets only, avoiding the risk to invest in new ideas, new perspectives, and new business models.

This way, many areas of life won't change, nor can society discover new knowledge that will bring value and benefits.

These companies or individuals have industry knowledge but lack creative thinking and vision.

The reason most outdated companies and people lack creative methods, new approaches, and new ideas is their ego.

They refuse any new knowledge because they pride themselves on their years of experience and industry knowledge.

They believe that what worked for them in the past will continue to work using the same patterns or strategies.

However, with changes in many market elements, such as consumer behavior, technology, new channels, and new business models, their patterns will become outdated.

Unless they hire people who know how to navigate change.

If you're an outdated company with outdated resources seeking help to transform from an outdated consulting company, you won't achieve the results you desire.

From my experience

I have worked on a project where a company that owns a chain of physical pharmacies wanted to establish an online presence for their chain.

They used an old existing system provided to them by another company and sought their help to transition online.

This is where the old relationship came into play. I understand that trust is the driver, but both are traditional companies.

The mobile app, user experience design, and features provided by the company were out of touch. Their solution belongs to the 1990s era and doesn't address today's customer convenience, needs, and desires.

The reason is that their perspective and knowledge is outdated, as are their resources.

I was glad to be on board and advise the client on what the solution should look like, which resulted in saving them from failure. Failure comes with a cost in business.

This is one reason you see mediocre progress in both the private and public sectors in the city or country where you live.

Best way forward

Ask yourself why conventional companies outnumber progressive ones.

Why conventional people outnumber creative ones.

Because most people are comfortable where they are. comfortable with where they reached in life. comfortable with their surroundings of people. comfortable with their skills and learning.

When you are comfortable you stop making new progress and stick to old habits, thinking and knowledge.

In that regard, the best way to have a progress and value is to blend old and new together.

old has experience and an industry knowledge and the new has new methods and perspective. together they can do wonder in reasonable time.

New ideas that come to the surface are responses to improving present circumstances for a better future, and reaching this goal requires understanding history and using new tools.

Thats why you as Individual or business need to refrain from clinging to old relationships only.

In business you have to expand your network not only by winning business. Also by having new relationships with new players who will serve your needs and goals. Get you to where you want to be.

Old business relationship gets too comfortable and with it quality of delivery diminish.

Its the same concept for individual, if you stick to the same people you wont discover new things.

But if you meet people with new perspective and background. You will learn new ideas, knowledge, or information.

A new network of help is as important as a network of relationship.

Discover and reach those who can make you think differently.

Disruptors are the true allies that brings you value.

Seek old for advise, a piece of knowledge based on historical experience but not for a vision, disruption or a future.

Thanks for reading!


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