A mind is a coin with two sides

You are switched to the bad side

The empires of the future are the empires of the mind - Winston Churchill.

Anger, sadness, anxiety, and fear are all negative emotions.

You miss your present by swinging between the past and future.

Your emotions is like a pendulum, moving right and left. out of balance.

Negativity can impact your daily life, success, goals, relationships, and the way you navigate life.

You would ask why I feel that way?

Your brain is flipped on the negativity side of the coin.

Its hardwired to focus on the negative. regardless of the event.

You inherited these emotions from prehistoric man. who had to pay attention to dangerous in their enviroment to survive.

That type of danger doesn't exist in modern world.

The survival sensory made your mind system fragile. Causing you yo slip and dwell in negative emotions easily.

How you feel determines how you behave

If you are feeling happy and in a good mood, you want to do something exciting, like going out, visiting family and friends, or working on your goals, feeling motivated.

While if you are angry or sad, you will likely sit and do nothing, dwelling in your negative thoughts all day.

Studies have shown that the brains' electrical activity increases when focusing on negative stimuli as compared to positive.

According to neuropsychologist Dr. Rick Hanson, “The mind is like Velcro for negative experiences and Teflon for positive ones.

Negative emotions make you angry

It's natural to express anger in response to threats, but not because you're unhappy with your life or because someone made a bad comment.

Anger inspires powerful, often aggressive, feelings and behaviors.

which allow us to fight and to defend ourselves when we are attacked. A certain amount of anger, therefore, is necessary to our survival.

Other than that, you need to redesign your chemical reactions to better respond to any negativity and avoid clouding your mind, taking control of your life.

Stop wasting your brainpower on negative emotions

Deploy it for something better, such as reading, exercising, or engaging in any positive activities.

A negative state of mind steers you away from your goals, depreciates your creativity, jams your mind, and leads to making wrong decisions, etc.

Changing state of mind to a calm and relaxed one is what I call happiness.

Because the mind is like a child; whatever you feed it, it will take and run with.

But your weaknesses and bad patterns of behavior are the biggest barriers to reprogramming your emotional chemistry.

Everyone wants to be in a good state of mind, in a great mood

It's the state where you can be creative, engage in activities with motivation, and feel good.

Positive emotions are like a drug that everyone wants to have. No one likes being angry, sad, or stressed.

The only way to achieve that "drug" is to control the mind. This is power. Taking control of your mind is more powerful than lifting heavy weights.

Life is about where you employ your energy

Control starts from the mind. It's hard to get rid of negative emotions, but here is how to reduce letting them drive you.

By starting a creative living. living in the present.

To reprogram your mind, you must ask questions to identify bugs and gradually train yourself to eliminate them.

  • Why am I feeling this way?

  • Why do I care about what happened or was said to me?

  • Why do I keep processing negative experiences over and over?

  • Why am I stuck in this negative mental state?

Consciously practice the habit of saying no to anxious thoughts about the past and tomorrow. Give your attention to the present.

Focus on what's around you and why you are in a certain location.

If you are somewhere to attend a lecture, listen and focus.

If you are out with friends, engage and enjoy the moments.

If you are at the library, you are there to study.

If you are home, you are there to relax and unwind.

By being present, your creative mechanism will respond successfully to your present.

If you give your attention to the present moment, you will achieve great outcomes.

You can plan for the future, but don't react to it before it comes.

The Native Americans consciously practiced looking and listening. They had to be alert to their environment in order to survive.

It's a simple habit to never look backward nor forward within your 24-hour cycle. This very habit will increase your focus.

By living well today, you do the most within your power to make tomorrow better.

You slow down opportunities because you dwell a lot

You're missing life. Life is a series of present moments of what you experience.

Stop labeling bad experiences that trigger negative emotions; stop giving them meaning.

Being present and responding to the current moment can magically ease jitters.

Your brain is a fragile system; any internal or external factors can deviate it from the track.

As powerful as the mind is in building and developing the civilizations you witness today, it is also weak.

It's like a coin with two sides; it's up to you which side you choose to flip it to. You can flip it to the powerful side, as many have done—just do it.

Thanks for reading!


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